Alaska Summons Forcible Entry & Detainer

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The Alaska Summons, along with the Complaint for Forcible Entry & Detainer, must be served to the Tenant to properly initiate eviction proceedings.

Document Last Modified: 11/16/2022

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Alaska Eviction Procedures: Issuing the Summons

After a Landlord has filed a Complaint for Forcible Entry and Detainer, that Complaint and a Summons must be served to the Tenant at least two days before the eviction hearing. The Summons must:

  1. Provide the Tenant with the date and time of the eviction hearing; and
  2. Advise the Tenant that a written answer to the Complaint must be filed within 20 days of when the Complaint was served.

Alaska law provides that the Summons may be served by a process server or a peace officer (See Alaska Civil Rule 4).

Issuing the Summons is a required step in eviction proceedings, and it’s vital that Landlords properly issue the Summons to ensure that their case moves forward and is successful.

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