Alaska 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate

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The Alaska 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is required prior to an eviction when a tenant breaches the lease or the landlord tenant law.

Document Last Modified: 7/8/2024

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Alaska 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate

Every landlord has limits. We, for example, are not very tolerant of tenants who draw graffiti on the freshly power-washed siding of our rental property. Maybe you’ve been patiently overlooking a tenant’s transgressions for a while. Or perhaps your tenant has done something recently that he or she must address in order to avoid eviction. In either case, if your limits have been reached and a violation has been committed that justifies ending the lease, it’s time to issue the Alaska 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate.

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Intentional damage to the rental unit, illegal activity, failure to pay utilities and violations of the terms of the lease are all cause to use this form. (If the violation is a failure to pay rent, however, you’ll need to use the Alaska 7 Day Notice to Quit.) This document gives the tenant an option to either vacate the property or to cure, or fix, whatever problem has been caused. If your tenant has indeed been spraying graffiti all over your siding, you have to give him a chance to clean it up.

The Alaska 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is the first step in the eviction process and has some rather serious sounding language, letting the tenant know that you’re not messing around. It states:

  • The lease violation (or violations if, heaven forbid, there’s more than one)
  • The tenant must vacate the premises if the violation is not remedied in 10 days
  • An eviction lawsuit may be filed if the tenant fails to do either of those things
  • Notice to vacate without a chance to cure may be given if the tenant decides to commit the same violation in the next six months

Ready to get started? Click "Create Document" and customize the form for the correct property and tenant. The Document Builder Wizard will ask you to briefly describe the lease violation, the date the notice will be served plus ten days and the time of day the premises must be vacated by. Click "Create Documents" and click on the document name to download it. You’re done! Our auto-fill technology will automatically add names and addresses to the final document. Your custom logo will also appear at the top. If you need to make changes, you can quickly recreate the document and make the necessary adjustments.

We hope you never need to use this document, but we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible if you do. We also have a variety of other eviction notices, including the Alaska Forcible Entry and Detainer Complaint - the next step if your tenant fails to respond to your notice. And be sure to read our Overview of the Eviction Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to Eviction. Consider it Evictions 101 for landlords.

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