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From exclusive rental tools to simplifying your residential process, we provide the services you need to cover yourself legally and be the best landlord possible.

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There’s nothing worse than getting ready to sign a new tenant and realizing that the rental agreement is going to cost you more than cleaning the carpet.

We offer a wide selection of 100% free and legally binding documents and forms to suit every residential rental need.

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Not all lease agreements are created equal. Some states and local municipalities have special rules and fees that could land you in hot water if you use the wrong form or legal language.

ezLandlordForms are guaranteed state compliant and are constantly updated to make sure that you’re always in the clear legally.

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Huge Library of Landlord Resources

Not quite ready to send your first lease agreement or want to learn a little more about managing a rental property?

We maintain a huge library of educational resources designed to help you learn how to be a great landlord and reduce the stress of property management from day one.

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Online Lease Agreement Builder

Quickly and easily pull together everything you need for your latest tenant lease agreement in a matter of minutes with an integrated online lease agreement builder.

Simply select the appropriate form, addenda, and disclosures and input your details for a completely personalized instant lease agreement that is ready to sign.

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Tenant Screening Services

Screening each and every applicant to find the perfect tenant can be a chore and leave you feeling overwhelmed, but our all-in-one package checks for all potential red flags so you can get back to being a great landlord.

Get insight into your applicant’s credit, payment, and criminal history, without affecting their credit score, to see if they are a reliable and trustworthy match for your rental.

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Compared to other popular options, ezLandlordForms offers the only end-to-end solution for busy landlords whether you’re looking for simplicity or a low-cost lease agreement solution.
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State-Specific Lease
27 Rules and Regulations
State Assist
Lease Package
Emailable Documents
Auto-fill Address Fields
Works with Windows Envelopes
Lease Expiration Reminder
Complete Document Library
Lease Builder Wizard
Utility Company Info Sheet
Online Document System
Document History
Your Logo on Documents
Build Your Own Documents

Get More Leasing Support Right in Your Pocket

Check out our comprehensive tenant screening app that supports your residential rental process from the initial tenant screening to ongoing document management.

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