Wisconsin Check-In/Out Condition Report

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The Wisconsin Condition Report is a must have when renting out your property. This form ensures liability for damages during the tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 3/28/2023

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Giving The Wisconsin Condition Report

Giving the Wisconsin tenant the opportunity to inspect the unit upon move-in is not only a requirement but also provides a protective layer for the landlord as well. This simple-to-use form MUST be provided to the tenant upon move-in. It is a good practice to give it to the tenant at the time you provide the keys.

Pro Tip: Have two forms handy at lease signing or key transfer and have the tenant sign and date one that you will keep in the tenant file as proof that you provided the obligatory form. Remind your tenant(s) that they must complete the form and return it back within seven days. If they do not, per Wisconsin statute, it is then presumed that the tenant accepts the rental unit as is with no defaults. Wisconsin obliges the landlord to include specific text in the rental unit inspection sheet and this “Wisconsin Check-in/Check-out Condition Report” form meets the requirements.

Did we say EZ?

This form is very simple to use. Go through the three easy steps, first, you will have the opportunity to scroll down through the text box and make any changes you want. If you know of any rental unit blemishes before providing the form to the tenant, it can be installed into the table provided. On to the next step where you will choose the rental unit and tenant (just place a click to the left of the property address) and then continue forward to the final creation step where you will add a date equal to the date the tenant takes possession plus seven more days. This provides the tenant with the required amount of time to return the form. No room for excuses that your tenant did not know when to turn it in with the specific date listed right on the form. This State-Specific document also includes Wisconsin-required text.

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IMPORTANT! Some localities such as Madison and Milwaukee may have separate local regulations.