Tennessee 7 Day Notice to Vacate

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Use the Tennessee 7 Day Notice to Vacate on a tenant who has re-offended within 6 months of an offense where the notice was previously given.

Document Last Modified: 7/15/2024

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It regrettably happens. Here is a sample case scenario:
Mr. Tenant pays his late rent. Mr. Landlord sends out the proper fourteen-day notice. On the tenth day, Mr. Tenant pays up. Mr. Landlord then must withdraw any furtherance of legal remedies. Next month comes, Mr. Tenant pays on time. Mr. Landlord is elated. Mr. Tenant pays on time for the next month as well. But on the fifth month, after that notice was sent for non-payment, Mr. Tenant is late again.

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The ezLandlordForms 7 Day Notice to Vacate to the rescue!

Prior to November 1, 2014, the landlord was to provide a fourteen-day notice. However, it is now only seven (7) days. This is much better for the landlord. Unfortunately, repeat offenders are a reality when it comes to managing properties and receiving rent. With this 7 day notice, the landlord may go to court and file the Forcible Entry and Detainer also referred to as the FED after only 7 days. This would be for non-payers or any tenant who breaches the lease or landlord tenant law after being properly forewarned.

Tennessee’s Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act which provides the guidelines for landlords and tenants is applicable for the counties listed below. Please check with your county housing office or courthouse to see if your locale is under the Tennessee Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act or URLTA if it is not listed below.

At that time those counties were: Wilson, Anderson, Shelby, Blount, Maury, Bradley, Knox, Davidson, Madison, Montgomery,Hamilton, Sevier, and Sumner. During the 2008 census, additional counties were added, specifically: Rutherford, Sullivan, Williamson, and Washington.

After seven (7) days have elapsed, the landlord many go to the local county courthouse, pay the fee and initiate the proceeds for a Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) action.

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