Tennessee 3 Day Notice to Vacate for Dangerous Behavior

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This Tennessee 3 Day Notice to Vacate is designed to be used for dangerous crimes and behavior so that the offending tenant can be removed quickly.

Document Last Modified: 7/15/2023

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According to neighborhoodscout.com, Tennessee has a total of 244, 993 crimes annually. The safest city according to that same source is Lynnville. What does any of this have to do with a landlord? First of all, the landlord does have rights when crimes or violent behavior is being committed on or near the rental property. Not only to protect the other tenants or neighbors but to also secure and protect the physical property itself.

TIP: If there is a police report available, have that handy along with this notice before going to court to file a detainer warrant.

Using this editable form is easy as can be. Simply, choose the property from the list or create a property to add to your rental unit database, then fill in the fields to describe the offense. Remember, to use this form, the offense must be pretty serious. Print the notice out, serve it to your tenant(s) either personally, posting it to the door or by certified mail. Safety first at all times! If personal service poses a threat to you, deliver the notice by other means allowable by law.

Although a Tennessee landlord must make sure that the proper eviction process is followed; not all locations of the state are covered under the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. However, the ten counties that must are Anderson, Blount, Bradley, Davidson, Hamilton, Madison, Montgomery, Shelby, Sumner and Knox.

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