Tennessee 30 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate

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The 30 Day Notice warns the tenant to cure the default (when applicable) in 14 days, vacate within 30 days, OR face eviction.

Document Last Modified: 7/17/2024

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A Tennessee 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is a formal document that explains to the renter that they have 14 days to remedy the issue that has caused them to receive the notice or to vacate the property within the next 30 days.

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In other words, they can pay what they owe, including penalties, within the next 14 days or they can let you know that they will vacate within 30. Unless the written lease stipulates a different time frame or approach, the 30-day period is the standard time frame in Tennessee.

Who: If you are a landlord in Tennessee and you need to get a renter to vacate property for non-payment of rent or for somehow violating their lease agreement, you will have to begin the process with the Tennessee 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate.

What: It lets renters know that they face eviction if they fail to take one of the two options outlined - cure the problem (such as paying rent or removing an unauthorized person from the premises or vacating). The tenant who receives your Tennessee 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is made to understand that it is a formal indication that you will begin filing for eviction 30 days after that notice has been given to them.

If this is the second time you have had to issue them a Tennessee 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate within a six-month period, and it is for the same noncompliance with the lease, you may be able to end the lease with only a 14-day notice.

When:The Tennessee 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is given at least 30 days before you begin to file for eviction. If you can use the 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate, you will want to start the process immediately. The laws are very rigid about the timelines that you follow, and you must obtain date stamped evidence of the issuance of the notices.


Tips and Tricks for Landlords: However, there are some parts of Tennessee where the 30-Day Notice to Cure or Vacate cannot be used. Areas covered by the state's Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act or ULTRA may have different laws in place.

The first step is to download the 30 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate document here, and customize it to your needs. Then, get in touch with a legal expert to discuss whether or not you must follow a different path to evict a tenant.

Don't let the complexity of the laws confuse you. Begin with the basic form, consult a legal expert, and begin the process of remedying the situation today.

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