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Customize the Smoking Policy Disclosure to specify exactly where Tenants can and cannot smoke on your rental property.

Document Last Modified: 12/22/2022

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What’s Included in the Smoking Policy Disclosure

Many Landlords across the country have adopted no-smoking or limited-smoking policies for their rental properties. There are a few reasons for this including protecting other Tenants from the effects of second-hand smoke, protecting their property from the damage caused by smoking, and reducing fire hazards.

When there is a smoking policy, Landlords need to provide Tenants with clarity about that policy at move-in. This Smoking Policy is intended to serve as an addendum to your Lease Agreement and ensure that there’s no ambiguity about smoking policies on the property.

The disclosure specifies whether :

  • Smoking is prohibited on the entire Property.
  • Smoking is allowed on the entire Property.
  • Smoking is allowed in limited areas on the Property. If this is the case, there is an option for Landlords to specify precisely where smoking is and isn’t allowed.

Our Smoking Policy Disclosure makes it EZ for Landlords to create, customize, and share a smoking policy with all Tenants.

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