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Seattle Landlords are required to provide Tenants with this Handbook when a Lease is signed or renewed; annually for month-to-month Tenants; and when updates are made.

Document Last Modified: 11/1/2022

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The Seattle Renter’s Handbook

The Seattle Renter’s Handbook is created by the city’s “Renting in Seattle” Program. It summarizes rental regulations and outlines the responsibilities of both Landlords and Tenants. The Handbook covers the entire rental cycle – from finding a unit to moving out – and discusses all relevant regulations of each stage.

In addition, it includes the Voter Registration Form, which is required by the Rental Agreement Ordinance. Finally, the Handbook offers tips and best practices to help build strong Landlord-Tenant relationships.

Seattle Landlords are required to provide Tenants with a copy of the Handbook:

  • When a new Lease is signed. This initial copy must be a printed, hard copy.
  • When a Lease is renewed. After an initial hard copy has been provided, future copies may be emailed.
  • Annually, if the Tenant is on a month-to-month Lease.
  • Any time updates are made to the handbook.

Download the current version of the Seattle Renter’s Handbook to provide to new or existing Tenants.

Seattle Rental Forms & Templates

  • Washington Rental Application Disclosure: Landlords must use this form any time they charge an Application or Tenant Screening fee.
  • Washington Residential Lease Agreement: Our Washington Lease Agreement can be customized online in about 15 minutes. It’s guaranteed to comply with all state Lease laws and includes unlimited access to electronic signing.
  • Washington Smoke-Free Lease Addendum: This document makes it EZ for Landlords to create a smoking policy that complies with all state laws.
  • Washington Security Deposit Receipt: Washington has specific regulations for what must be included in the security deposit receipt. This form complies with all requirements and is EZ to customize.
  • Washington Fire & Life Safety Disclosure Form: This form is used to ensure that rental units have properly working fire safety devices.

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