NYC Window Guards Required Lease Notice to Tenant (Appendix A)

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New York City Landlords must provide Tenants with this Notice, which states when window guards are required, at the time that a Lease is signed.

Document Last Modified: 1/11/2023

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Appendix A - Window Guards Required

New York City Lease laws require that Landlords provide Tenants with the Lease Notice to Tenants - Appendix A whenever a new Lease Agreement is signed. This Notice lets Landlords know

  • Whether or not a child 10 years of age or younger will be living in the apartment; or If the Tenant wants window guards for any reason.
  • NYC Landlords are required to install window guards if a child 10 years or younger lives in the apartment or if the Tenant requests window guards. If any Tenant asks for window guards, they must be installed.

New York City Lease laws require that this Notice be completed at the time the Lease is signed. In addition, Landlords must provide Tenants with an annual notice about the risks of window falls and lead poisoning.

We make it EZ to comply with these requirements. Simply download the document, customize it, and attach it as an addendum to your New York Residential Lease Agreement.

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