New York Fire Sprinkler Disclosure

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As of December 3, 2014, landlords must disclose to the tenant whether there is a sprinkler system installed within the property or not.

Document Last Modified: 1/24/2024

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New York landlord tenant law requires that all leases entered into on or after December 3, 2014 must include a disclosure that specifies whether or whether not there is a fire safety sprinkler installed within the rental property. This law is applicable throughout the entire state of New York. It also is relevant for leases, sub-leases, renewal contracts or arrangements or renewal leases.

The print must be bold. The ezLandlordForms’ New York Sprinkler Disclosure fulfills this requirement. It should be mentioned that the actual law does not define specific language currently except that there must be a disclosure of the existence or non-existence at the time of the lease signing of a sprinkler system.

There is no penalty in place for non-compliance or any type of enforcement currently. However, in keeping state-specific, this disclosure is provided for all landlords to provide to their tenants to fulfill the legal requirement.

Sprinkler systems have been a requirement in many locations including state and local in commercial buildings. Minnesota, also adopted recent legislation that in all new homes larger than 4500 square feet to be built with a sprinkler system installed. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a trend in the coming years for other states.

TID-BIT OF INFORMATION: In New York City, in the year 2018, New York building code will require that all buildings in height of 100 feet or more will have to be fitted with a sprinkler system on ALL floors.

These laws will impact tens of thousands of rental arrangements. Fire safety is very important and there are strong feelings on both sides of this new legislation; some believing it is irrelevant and taxing on the residential property investor and others believing that it is a step in protection for the general public of New Work.

IMPORTANT: This form is auto-filled and then printed. It is important that the landlord place a check-mark or his/her initials next to the appropriate designation on the form.

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