Maine Residential Rental Property Lead Disclosure Statement

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Before renting pre-1978 housing, a landlord must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint hazards in the dwelling with this form.

Document Last Modified: 5/6/2023

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Did you know that lead paint can potentially affect the unborn? There may be no initial side effects in children when they are exposed to lead paint. By the time there are seeable effects, it may be too late. Exposure to lead can be very dangerous for anyone who ingests it, but especially children and pregnant women. Ingesting lead may lead to neurological damage in children, including more difficulties with learning, a decrease in their intelligence quotient (IQ), and memory impairment. Lead ingestion in children may also walk hand-in-hand with aggravating the propensity for violent behaviors such as an attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

Although there is a federal requirement for disclosure regarding lead paint in residential real estate built before the year 1978; some states have their own requirements as well. Maine is one of those states.

A landlord may believe this is a hassle but truth be told, it not only saves lives, but it protects the landlord as well.

The Maine Residential Rental Property Lead Disclosure warns and notifies tenants of the hazards lead may cause. The form includes a statement informing tenants that the only way to know if the premises contain lead is if you test the property for lead.

This Maine disclosure provides the assurance to the landlord when the tenant acknowledges that the landlord disclosed information about lead-based paint and the hazards that are presented when exposed to the harmful chemical. Both landlord and tenant will initial the appropriate spaces on the form where applicable. Each party as well as an agent, if relevant, will sign and date the form. Each party will keep a copy for their records.

The state of Maine has a hotline for any questions regarding lead and preventing lead poisoning. The phone number to contact the Lead Hazard Prevention department is either (207) 287-7751 or (207) 287-2651.

Maine State Specific Documents

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  • Maine 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy: This Notice should be used to terminate a tenancy at will.
  • Maine Complaint for Forcible Entry & Detainer: After providing Tenants with proper notice, Landlords file this Complaint with their local court to start the eviction process.

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