Maine Radon Disclosure

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The Maine Radon Disclosure is a written statement that must be given to each tenant, informing them of the risks of radon exposure.

Document Last Modified: 5/6/2023

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Radon is an extremely dangerous radioactive cancer-causing gas. Not only is Radon dangerous because of its fatal effects on health – such as causing lung cancer, but it is also nearly impossible to tell if Radon is in the surrounding area because you can not see, taste or even smell it. Because Radon is so difficult to detect, special equipment is used to find any existence of the dangerous gas.

The Maine Radon Disclosure, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, is a required form that must be used when renting in the state of Maine. This disclosure informs tenants that the Radon test has been completed within the unit. The form includes the date of when the last test was performed and specifies that another test must be performed within 10 years of the last testing date unless a special testing device is installed on the premises. The form also states who tested the Radon levels and what the levels where. The Maine Radon Disclosure allows both the landlord and tenant to acknowledge the disclosure and that the landlord or agent provided information on the gas.

The State of Maine has passed a law requiring landlords to test all rental properties for radon. In addition, the landlord must issue a written disclosure statement to each tenant, informing them of the risks of radon exposure. The landlord or agent must give this disclosure to Tenants at Lease signing if your rental property is located in the state of Maine.

This document also contains additional information on the health hazards of Radon and specific instructions for the tenants regarding any Radon testing device that may be on the premises. More Information for landlords and tenants can be found at: Maine Radiation Control

Maine State Specific Documents

  • Maine 7-Day Demand for Rent: Landlords should use this Notice if Tenants are at least 7 days late with rent. It advises the Tenant that they have 7 days to either pay rent or vacate the property. It’s a necessary first step in the eviction process.
  • Maine 7-Day Notice to Vacate: This Notice should be used when Tenants have violated the Lease Agreement and the Lease violation cannot be cured. It’s a necessary first step in the eviction process.
  • Maine 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy: This Notice should be used to terminate a tenancy at will.
  • Maine Complaint for Forcible Entry & Detainer: After providing Tenants with proper notice, Landlords file this Complaint with their local court to start the eviction process.

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