Maine Energy Efficient Disclosure Form

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This required disclosure lists the aspects of a rental property that influence the amount of energy that the property is likely to use.

Document Last Modified: 5/8/2023

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Energy conservation is an important topic. In 2006 the state of Maine enacted the act known as “Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Rental Properties”.

In Maine, when a tenant is paying for energy and heating costs; that tenant possesses the right to know the information regarding the energy use of the twelve months prior to entering into the lease.

This Maine Energy Efficient Disclosure provides the landlord the ability to list all the specifications for the energy in the rental dwelling. This includes the type of heating for the area as well as the water-heating system. There is also information contained regarding insulation, the type of windows, door and floors. The form allows the landlord to detail the insulation conditions on each of the different elements in the house.

The Maine Energy Efficient Disclosure will make known the conditions of the energy usage to the future tenants. The landlord will complete information as to whether the rental unit meets, exceeds, or falls below the minimum efficient standards suggested for Maine's energy-efficiency program guidelines.

The landlord must fill out the disclosure form for each property offered for rent or lease. The landlord must then provide the form to any person who requests the form in addition to posting the form in a prominent location on the property that is being offered for rent or lease.

Both landlord and tenant will sign the disclosure. There is additional space for any special comments as well. Tenant will receive his or her copy, and the landlord will then keep a copy for his records.

Please note: Landlords MUST retain signed forms for a minimum of seven years.

Additional note: This form is designed to be printed and filled out by hand.

Information regarding energy efficiency may be gotten by contacting:
Efficiency Maine at their telephone number: 866-376-2463 or visit the web-site of:

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