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Now with eSign. Hawaii has unique landlord-tenant regulations; our HI lease wizard will summarize local laws as you create your Hawaii lease agreement.

Document Last Modified: 9/6/2017

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Hawaii Lease Agreement Guarantee SealThis comprehensive, Hawaii-specific, rental contract is easy to prepare. After completion, it may be downloaded to your computer for printing, and/or may be emailed to a tenant. It can also be electronically signed by the landlord and all tenants.This document also meets lease requirements for the city of Honolulu.

This organized, precise and professional document is prepared on our web site using our Lease Builder, a responsive program that automatically adds or removes fields, depending on information that you enter. Help with following state laws is provided in the unique Hawaii Assist instruction boxes that are highlighted in green. They will guide you in properly setting the security deposit amount, in choosing rules on subletting, and in addressing other terms. This rental agreement is a complete package, and includes all addenda and disclosures selected.


All Hawaii-required language
Guidance provided with legal Hawaii Assist information boxes
Clauses which are customizable
Options to create and include add your own clauses
eSign, email or print lease


Take full advantage of all of the forms offered with this lease agreement. The following are just a small sample:


Protecting your investment is the chief purpose of this solid lease agreement. Here are further examples of rules you can add:

  • Absolutely no smoking is permitted in rental home.
  • Penalty for late rent must be paid or legal action may be taken.
  • Pest problems must be reported immediately to the landlord.
  • Absolutely no hazardous or illegal materials may be stored or kept in or around rental unit at any time.
  • Malfunctioning smoke alarm(s) must be reported immediately to landlord. Tenant responsible for regular battery changes and may not remove smoke detectors.

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