District of Columbia Lead Disclosure Form

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Landlords are required to provide tenants with the District of Columbia Lead Disclosure form for a residential property built before 1978.

Document Last Modified: 4/18/2023

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If a house is built before the year 1978, it has the risk of containing lead based paint. It is important to follow the proper procedures when notifying and disclosing tenants of any type of contamination on the premises. Lead based paint can be very harmful for pregnant women and children, so it is very important for landlords to disclose this information to any tenants renting their property.

Some locations have more stringent or additional requirements than the federal ones in place. The District of Columbia requires of the landlord/owner of residential rental property that was built before the year 1978, to tell the tenant about any possibilities of lead.

This all came to be in the year 2007 when the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Adrian Fenty was irritated that nothing was being done to protect the children from lead in the District. Mayor Fenty even designated to the city, a lead coordinator to head the venture to increase the regulations around lead paint and lead paint testing. Part of what this dynamic duo created was to bring legal ramifications against landlords who were negligent in ridding their properties of lead dangers. This forced a high amount of lead abatements thereby removing a good bit of the hazardous material from many buildings.

The “District of Columbia Lead Disclosure form” provides the solution to the requirements set forth by law but it also protects the landlord as well. It provides proof for the landlord that full disclosure of lead paint and the issues with it was made to a tenant prior to moving into the rental property.

This form is printed out, completed and signed by the owner. Included is an acknowledgement part of the disclosure, where the tenant will sign that they have received all information. Additionally if an agent is involved there is an area for that designation.

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