DC Rental Registration/Claim of Exemption (RAD Form 1)

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Every housing accommodation or rental unit must be registered with the Rental Accommodations Division (RAD) by filling out and filing this form.

Document Last Modified: 5/10/2023

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What Is The DC Rental Registration/Claim of Exemption (RAD Form 1)?

This is the form used to register a rental property with the Rental Accommodations Division (RAD). Every housing accommodation or rental property needs to be registered and this is the only form that can be used to do it.

Landlords and property managers must file an amended registration within thirty days of any change in ownership or management. The person in ownership or control of the property must register the property as being subject to rent control or register it as being exempt and include if this exemption will expire and when.

What Is Included?

    The information that is included in the form lets the government know all the details about the property and the owner of the potential for rent control or exemption. More specifically, this means:
  • The address of the property
  • The property’s business information
  • The property profile
  • A claim of exemption
  • The current services and facilities provided
  • Building-wide rent increases
  • And certification from the property owner or agent.

The Registrant

The person that registers the property is very important. This is not the job of a new tenant to a new property but the sole responsibility of the owner of the property or the managing body. This form helps the Rental Accommodations Division keep track of the rental properties available in DC as well as keep track of which ones are rent controlled and which ones will be subject to rent increase rates each year.

Get More Details

Landlords and property managers that would like to learn more about how to register a property, laws and rights that apply to their situation in DC can visit the website for the Department of Housing and Community Development.

The experts at EZ Landlords Forms draw on their years of experience and general knowledge to write articles to help landlords like you. These can be found in the section dedicated to Articles & State Laws.

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