Arkansas 14 Day Notice of Default

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The Arkansas 14 Day Notice of Default is used when a tenant has violated their lease agreement for something other than non-payment of rent.

Document Last Modified: 4/18/2024

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Maybe it was destruction of property, an unauthorized pet, or an additional tenant that conveniently wasn’t mentioned during the initial lease signing (we’ll be altruistic and assume it was pure oversight, of course). Whatever caused the lease violation, the most important thing you can do is ensure the tenant is given proper notice of the breach of the lease and knows what is expected of them going forward. That’s where the Arkansas 14 Day Notice of Default comes in.

This document can be used for any lease violation, excluding the non-payment of rent (non-payment of rent can be addressed with the Arkansas 5 Day Notice of Default for Non-Payment of Rent). The notice informs the tenant of the breach of the lease and allows you to specifically list each lease violation. It also informs the tenant that they have 14 days to remedy the lease violation if it can be remedied. The document further informs the tenant that if the issue is not corrected within the 14 day period of time the property must be vacated. This Notice of Default is the first step of the eviction process and informs the tenant that if they do not comply with the notice, legal proceedings will be commenced against the tenant.

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The document also includes a “Notice of Service” section where you can select whether the document was hand-delivered, left on the premises, posted on the premises, or sent by certified or regular mail. The Document Builder Wizard completes the notice using Auto-Fill Technology in three easy steps, saving you both time and energy. The Arkansas 14 Day Notice of Default will send a clear and concise message to tenants and will allow you to move forward with the eviction process as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Arkansas evictions can be complicated and having the advice of an attorney is suggested.

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