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Now with ezSign!!! Each Canadian province has different laws governing residential tenancy law. Use our province-specific lease wizard to create a customized rental agreement.

Document Last Modified: 2/15/2023

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Now with ezSign. A province-specific residential rental agreement is quite simply the most important legal form that landlords use in the course of property management.

Our province-specific lease wizard guides you through the brief process of creating a lease or rental agreement (terms used interchangeably to refer to the same legal contract), and allows you to make selections, enter your own clauses and generally customize your rental or lease agreement for your particular needs. This quick and easy process will combine all of your choices and all the necessary legal text to create an iron-clad legal contract. A variety of useful addendum and disclosures can be selected as well, and included in your province-specific lease package.

Our exclusive Province Assist walks you through your province's laws and regulations at each step of the way. Not sure what your province's limits on security deposits are? When it comes time to enter the security deposit for your lease agreement, our Province Assist will be there to help. It's the closest we could come to having our team of legal experts actually walk you through the process themselves, and helps you create the strongest and highest quality lease agreement available online.

Provincial laws aside, there are still dozens of other ways that your Canadian lease agreement can be customized, from the length of term to the type and amount of late rent fees to co-signors to how utilities are handled. And if you want still more ways to customize your residential lease package, our lease wizard offers 47 selectable rules and regulations. Powerful, yet ez... a versatile online tool designed for the everyday landlord and the large property management firm alike.

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Document Features

  • Now with ezSign
  • Province-Specific - Designed by legal experts for each of Canada's provinces and territories
  • Interactive Wizard - Our state-of-the-art lease wizard makes complicated legal document preparation simple!
  • Province Assist - There every step of the way with critical legal information for your province or territory
  • Plain English - No one likes reading legalese, so we put together a lease agreement in simple, plain English, to be easy to read for both landlords and tenants
  • Dozens of Optional Rules and Regulations (see below)
  • Complete Lease Package - A lease is more than just the rental contract itself. There are often required legal disclosures, and desired addendum (for example a Move In/Move Out Walk-Through Checklist to prevent security deposit disputes over the original condition of the property)
  • Customizable & Comprehensive - We worry about hundreds of legal precautions and details so that you don't have to

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Lease Package Documents

These are just some of the dozens of documents you can select to include with your lease:

Rules and Regulations

Below are a few examples of the dozens of optional rules and regulations available in the lease wizard:

  • The Tenant agrees to test smoke detectors periodically as well as maintain operational batteries at all times.
  • Late fees are strictly enforced and any unpaid fees will not be waived
  • The Tenant must notify Landlord of any changes in employment
  • The Tenant will be responsible for any fine and/or violation that is imposed on the Landlord due to the Tenant’s negligence