Philadelphia Bed Bug Addendum

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Philadelphia bed bug addenda require, disclosing any bed bug infestation or remediation in the last 120 days, and providing a bed bug informational notice.

Document Last Modified: 9/19/2022

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Bed Bug Addendum and Disclosure

Philadelphia Landlords have some specific responsibilities when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. Pursuant to City of Philadelphia ordinance section 9-4500 et seq.

Landlords must:

  1. Disclose any bed bug infestations or remediation in the rental unit in the past 120 days.
  2. Comply with all bed bug responsibilities including acknowledging Tenant complaints of bed bugs within 5 days; providing investigatory and remedial services within 10 days; providing remedial services if evidence of bed bugs is found; in buildings with 4 or more units, obtaining investigatory services for units adjacent to, above, and below the affected unit; providing all Tenants with written notice of the issue as provided by pest management professionals; obtaining reasonable monitoring services for 12 months; and maintaining a written record of all complaints and all measures taken to address those complaints.
  3. Provide Tenants with the informational notice about bed bugs that were created by the City of Philadelphia.

Our Bed Bug Addendum outlines all Landlord and Tenant responsibilities and makes it EZ for Philadelphia Landlords to comply with all requirements. Further, it serves as documentation that Landlords have met all disclosure requirements.

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