Nebraska 14 Day Notice of Termination

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This is the Nebraska 14 Day Notice of Termination for a Recurrence of Violation that is served to a tenant before a formal filing in court.

Document Last Modified: 7/12/2023

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How To Use The Nebraska 14 Day Notice of Termination

Landlords may use the Nebraska 14 day Notice of Termination when a tenant has repeated the same violation more than once in a six month period. The recurrence of a violation is the only reason that this form can be used to provide the tenant with the notice that their lease agreement is going to be terminated. The form clearly states that the tenant needs to leave the property within 14 days of receiving the notice.

Using this form is unique in that the tenant must leave the property and does not have the option to remedy the violation, as this is a recurring problem. The tenant needs to leave or the landlord will file for a hearing in court to forcefully evict the tenant from the property.

The notice given to the tenant should leave no room for questions, which is why this form includes:

  • The date the notice was delivered,
  • The name of the tenant,
  • The address of the property in question,
  • The violation,
  • Details about what will happen if the tenant does not vacate the property by the deadline,
  • The signature of the landlord.

Time Frame

The tenant has 14 days from the time they receive the notice to vacate the property. To make this even clearer, the form provides the exact date so that there is no confusion. The landlord must give the tenant this time to vacate the property. Only after the 14-day period has passed can the landlord proceed with filing for a hearing in court.

Failure To Comply With The Notice

In the case that a tenant does not comply with the notice and leave the property, legal proceedings will follow. In the case against the tenant, the tenant will be responsible for all rent for that time, any damages, costs and attorney fees related to the case.

More Information

For details and advice about the eviction process, landlords should visit:

Landlords can find out more about the laws and regulations in Nebraska by visiting:

Nebraska State Specific Documents

  • Nebraska 3-Day Demand for Rent: Landlords should use this Notice for Tenants that are late with rent. It’s a necessary first step in the eviction process.
  • Nebraska 14-Day Notice of Termination: Landlords should use this Notice when Tenants have committed the same Lease violation twice within six months. It does not give Tenants an opportunity to cure the violation and instead gives them the timeframe within which they must vacate the property.
  • Nebraska 30-Day Notice of Termination: Use this Notice for Lease violations other than nonpayment of rent. It gives Tenants 14 days to cure the Lease violation or vacate the property.
  • Nebraska Landlord-Tenant Information Brochure: This Nebraska resource summarizes key points of Nebraska Landlord-Tenant laws and is a great resource for Nebraska Landlords.

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