Indiana 10 Day Notice for Failure to Pay Rent

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The Indiana 10 Day Notice for Failure to pay rent gives the tenant 10 days to pay past due rent, before the initiation of legal proceedings for eviction.

Document Last Modified: 5/9/2024

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The Reason To Use This Form

Landlords in Indiana may use this form when they have a tenant that has not paid the appropriate amount of rent. Non-payment of rent or being behind on the rent is the only reason landlords may use this form. It does not apply and should not be used as notice for any other reason. It does not apply if there has been a breach of contract or if there has been damage to the property. Failure to provide the right form for the right violation can cause unnecessary problems and delays for the landlord.

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Knowing The Process

A landlord that knows the system and knows exactly how to go about serving a notice and taking the steps toward eviction is one that will be more successful and achieve the desired results. The process is as follows:

  • Serve the appropriate notice to the tenant.
  • Wait the 10 days.
  • If the tenant has still not paid, file for a hearing in court.
  • Attend the scheduled hearing
  • If the ruling is in the favor of the landlord then an eviction date will be scheduled.

This seems like a simple process but one missed step or filing with the courts too early could spell disaster.


Using the Notice For Failure To Pay Rent form gives the tenant 10 days from the time they have received the form to either pay the owed payment in full or the landlord may take legal action for eviction. This 10 day period starts when the tenant has the notice. If it is being sent in the mail then the landlord may have to wait longer to allow for the notice to reach the tenant and have their attention. In Indiana, there are guidelines as to how many extra days the tenant can have the notice without taking action before the landlord can apply for a court hearing.

The Best Way To Serve The Notice

Handing the form to the tenant and having them sign the notice as proof that they have received it is the best way to get started. If you opt for this method then the 10-day period will start immediately and the possibility for eviction will be sooner.

Additional Advice

The experience of EZ Landlord Forms means having the correct document to issue the tenant for the problem at hand. Attempting an eviction without the help of the experts is not recommended when there is so much time, money and effort at stake.

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