Illinois 5 Day Notice to Pay Rent

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A 5 Day Notice is required for non-payment of rent before a landlord may file in the appropriate court for an eviction.

Document Last Modified: 4/4/2024

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Selecting The Appropriate Form

When a tenant has not paid the appropriate amount of rent for their stay then the landlord has the right to give such tenant a Notice To Pay Rent form. This notice can only be used for a non-payment of rent to alert the tenant that you need the payment or will be taking legal action for eviction. It includes all of the information the tenant needs to make the correct payment as well as the amount of time that the tenant has to make such payment. In Illinois, this is a 5-day period from the time the notice is served.

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Using The Form Correctly

Part of using this form correctly is knowing exactly what it is used for, which we have already identified. When a tenant does not pay their rent, the landlord will be able to serve the tenant this form with the exact amount of rent owed, the date the notice was served and the method that was used to serve it.

When Should A Landlord Serve This Form?

A landlord should only use this form if a tenant has not paid their rent. The landlord that gives this Notice To Pay Rent form to the tenant will need to wait the prescribed 5 days before filing for a hearing in court for an eviction.

Methods Of Serving The Form

The form can be served in a few different ways:

  • Regular mail,
  • Hand delivered with signature that the document was received by the tenant,
  • Certified mail.

If the notice is not hand delivered then the tenant will often have more time to make the payment than the original 5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the 5-day period if the tenant has still not paid the amount due?

If the amount has still not been paid then the landlord will be able to make a case in court for an eviction. If this is approved then the landlord can evict the tenants at a scheduled date.

Why do I need to buy a form from EZ Landlord Forms?

Going through with an eviction can be tricky with legal loopholes for the tenants that landlords should avoid. Using the forms and the information provided by EZ LandlordForms ensures you are following the law to the letter and will achieve results whether that is getting the payment owed or evicting a tenant.

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