Chicago Lease Addendum - Heating Costs

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The Chicago Lease Addendum - Heating Costs is a required addendum when the tenant is responsible for heating the rental property.

Document Last Modified: 4/5/2023

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This "ez Landlord Forms’ Chicago Lease Addendum - Heating Costs” form is essential for landlords in Chicago, Illinois. In an effort to combat a tenant’s surprise regarding the cost of utility bills for a rental unit where they are responsible to pay the heating bills themselves; the city of Chicago passed an ordinance. The ordinance requires the landlord to make sure that the tenants are informed that they are, in fact, liable to pay for the gas and/or electricity. In addition to this, the landlord must also make available to the tenant the projected yearly cost of the utility that provides heat.

This disclosure simply states that the tenants were notified of the annual heating cost and that they are responsible for the heating costs of the rented premises. The form is automatically filled in with landlord and tenant information, and during the form creation, there is a prompt to add in the annual average heating cost. The signed disclosure also is proof that the tenant has received the necessary information required by the ordinance. It also contains a statement that the landlord will supply to the tenant a copy of the Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.

In order to apply to the proper utility to gain access to the information of the average heating cost, the landlord may use the Chicago Application for Energy Disclosure. The annual cost of heating is provided for the prior twelve months.

When must I give these documents to my tenant? A landlord MUST give these documents to the tenant where the tenant will be paying the heating bills. The documents do not have to be provided for rentals where the landlord includes or supplies the heating. This disclosure must be given to a tenant before the landlord can accept any monies from a prospective tenant to hold or apply for a rental unit within Chicago city limits.

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