Florida Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property (less than $500)

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This form notifies the tenant that they have abandoned property remaining in the rental unit. This notice is used when the property is valued under $500.

Document Last Modified: 5/10/2023

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When To Use This Notice

A landlord can use the Florida Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property less than $500 when a tenant has vacated the renal unit and has left some of their belongings behind. Landlords are required to use this form in the state of Florida by a landlord when the tenant has left property of less than $500 in value behind.

This form lets the tenant know that they have left property in the rental unit after vacating. Tenants can act on this notice by either paying to have the property stored or reclaiming it as theirs. If the tenant does not act then the landlord may do with the abandoned property as they wish.

$500 Or Less

It is important that this form is only used when the value of the abandoned property is worth less than $500. There are other forms that need to be used if the property is worth more than this amount. Using this starting value point means that landlords can have more or less freedom with the possessions left behind based on their worth.

This also protects all parties involved as landlords are not discarding, keeping or selling the possessions of a tenant that has not intentionally abandoned the property and it also allows landlords to use this notice when it is clear that a tenant meant to leave some of their belongings behind.

If a landlord finds that the property is worth more than $500 then they will need to use the following form: Florida Notice to Reclaim Abandoned Property $500 or More

Outlining the Notice

The notice itself details the following information:

  • What belongings the tenant has left behind,
  • The name of the tenant,
  • The name and signature of the landlord,
  • The address of the property,
  • Where the abandoned property can be reclaimed,
  • What will happen if the property is not claimed.

More Details

It is important for landlords to understand their role and responsibilities to the tenant and the property and for the tenant to understand their rights. To get more information about the laws that are specific to Florida, landlords should visit: www.floridabar.org

Landlords can also always find tips and expert advice by visiting: Ezlandlordforms Articles

Florida State Specific Documents

Pro Tip: In Florida, Landlords must give Tenants 3 days to pay rent after the rent due date before filing for eviction.

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