Florida Landlord-Tenant Brochure (Chapter 83 Part II)

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This brochure was developed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to answer frequently asked questions regarding landlord/tenant law.

Document Last Modified: 5/10/2023

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It is difficult enough to remember the many things on your growing to-do list, let alone to remember the intricacies of Florida Landlord-Tenant law as well. However, it is wise for both landlords and tenants to be familiar with the state Landlord-Tenant laws. These laws govern the landlord-tenant relationship and are designed to give structure to the renting process. These laws are very significant to help both parties understand the procedures involved in renting.

The Florida Landlord-Tenant Law Brochure, developed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, is a summary of the Florida Residential Tenancies Act. Landlord-Tenant law is provided in each state to establish order and understanding on each party’s responsibilities. This law also provides instruction and enlightens the landlord and tenant on the rental and eviction process. The Florida Landlord Tenant Brochure also includes many tips and guidelines for both the landlord and the tenant to act in accordance with.

This brochure includes information on which agreements are permitted, and the requirements of Florida's law regarding deposits and rent. The Florida Landlord Tenant Brochure also specifies the landlord's responsibilities and the tenant's responsibilities, including maintenance, repairs, right of entry and more. The brochure also explains the ramifications when a landlord fails to meet their obligations.

This informational document assists both parties with eliminating confusion and altercations by listing the specifics about the rental process, and individual responsibilities during tenancy. It includes information and instruction for the owner and renter for before, during, and after the tenancy, such as information regarding the proper handling of security deposits, and the exact requirements to make a claim on that security deposit, at the end of a lease. This brochure is a great addition to the application or New Tenant Packet, and should be issued to the tenant before beginning the Lease term.

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Pro Tip: In Florida, Landlords must give Tenants 3 days to pay rent after the rent due date before filing for eviction.

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