DC Required Notice to Tenants of Housing Code Provisions

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The District of Columbia Chapter 3; Section 101 and 106 is required to be given to each Tenant on or before the commencement of a tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 4/6/2023

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District of Columbia Housing Code Requirements

Starting a new tenancy can be very nerve racking especially when trying to make sure you are including the correct forms and abiding by your state laws and regulations. Some states have specific language, forms, fonts or texts that must be included when entering into a rental agreement. Rental housing and being a landlord in the District of Columbia can be fairly complicated. The District of Columbia requires the Notice to Tenants of Housing Code provisions document to be given to each tenant before the start of a tenancy.

The owner of each habitation must provide each existing Tenant, at or before the commencement of any tenancy, a copy of the provisions of Chapter 1, Section 101 of Title 14, referred to as the “Civil Enforcement Policy” in addition to those statutes located in Chapter 1, Section 106 which concerns notifying tenants when they commit a violation. This District of Columbia Housing Civil Enforcement Policy is a must have when a landlord leases their rental property. This form is MANDATORY, and must be given to each tenant before starting a tenancy in the District of Columbia. This ten (10) page booklet of information will inform the tenant of the important rules, laws and information about the District of Columbia landlord-tenant law.

The DC document includes information on housing code provisions, violation of lease regulations, security deposits, notifications and everything else the District of Columbia requires the landlord to be knowledgeable in. It is not only a must read for landlords but it is a statutory requirement for the landlord to provide this to each tenant.

The owner of each rental abode is required to provide this information to each existing Tenant, at or before the commencement of any tenancy. This document is already included in each ezLandlordForms District of Columbia state-specific lease the landlord has the option to print this document separately.

District of Columbia Rental Forms and Templates

Pro Tip:Pro Tip: Tenant Screening is THE BEST way to reduce bad rental outcomes.
  • Move-In/Move-Out Walkthrough Checklist: Use this checklist to document the condition of your property at move-in and move-out. This is a MUST USE form if you collect a security deposit.
  • Tenant Welcome Letter: Customize this form to provide renters with all the info they need about their new home. This is a great way to establish good Landlord-Tenant communication from day 1.
  • Rent Ledger: Use this Free Rent Ledger to keep track of rent payments and have documentation of any missed payments.
  • District of Columbia BBL Inspection Consent Form: This form must be signed by both the Landlord and Tenant as part of an application for a Basic Business License for a Residential Housing Endorsement.
  • DC 30-Day Notice to Correct or Vacate: This notice gives Tenants 30 days to fix a Lease violation or vacate the premises. It’s a necessary step prior to starting the eviction process.
  • DC 30-Day Notice to Vacate for Illegal Activity: This notice should be provided if a Tenant needs to vacate the Rental Unit due to the performance of illegal activity.

State-Specific Forms