Colorado Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint

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This print and fill-in Summons and Forcible Entry and Detainer Complaint is the next step (after proper notice) in continuing the eviction process.

Document Last Modified: 4/24/2024

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Colorado Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint

Giving notice is the first step in the eviction process. Colorado state law requires landlords to carry out specific notification steps before filing court actions against their tenants. This form is used as one step in that process and it must be filed with the County Clerk of Courts.

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IMPORTANT: Use this form only after issuing a Colorado Demand for Compliance , or a Notice to Quit, and only after your tenant has failed to comply with the notice.

This Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint form may be used to initiate court proceedings that aim to evict the tenant after that initial notice is given. This two-page form must be downloaded and completed by the landlord. Once you and the court complete the form, it will be used as a court summons and will be sent to, or served on, the tenant. It requires the tenant to either submit an official answer to the court by a deadline or appear in court on the prescribed date. If the Defendant (tenant) fails to submit an answer by the deadline or appear on the court date, the court may issue a default possession and possible monetary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff (landlord).

First, download this document, print it, and fill in the necessary information. Fill in your name as the Plaintiff and the tenant’s name(s) as the Defendant. Then, file the form with the Clerk of Courts in the county where the rental unit is located, and pay any service fees set by the court. Include in your submission the following:

  • The Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint form
  • A copy of the lease agreement - Mark it Exhibit A.
  • A copy of the Demand for Compliance - Mark it Exhibit B.
  • Extra copies of the Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint and the lease, which will be served on the defendant

The court will fill out the information fields in the summons section of the form, such as a court date and time. The court date will be between 7 and 14 days from the date the summons is served. The summons may be served by either the county sheriff’s office or a private process server.

Information about the Colorado eviction process and free state forms may be found at: Explicit instructions for filling out the Colorado Forcible Entry & Detainer Complaint form may be found at: Instructions for forcible entry and detainer

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Pro Tip: This form can only be used after the Landlord has provided the Tenant with either a Demand for Compliance or a Notice to Quit and the Tenant has failed to comply with the notice.

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