Baltimore City Flood Zone Disclosure

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This document allows the landlord or property manager to disclose to tenants and applicants that the property is located in a flood zone.

Document Last Modified: 6/13/2023

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In the city of Baltimore, when a rental property is located in a known flood zone, the landlord must disclose this to a tenant or potential tenant. Both landlord and tenant may contact the City Department of Planning to discuss whether or whether not the rental unit is located in a location that is labeled as a flood prone area. The phone number to call is 410-396-7526.

Weather in the last several years is anything but predictable. Maryland and flooding, more specifically, Baltimore and flooding seem to go hand in hand. Baltimore went through two pretty significant storms with both Hurricane Agnes and Tropical Storm Isabel where there were large amounts of damage created from flooding alone. It does not take a large flooding to do significant damage to cars, homes and livelihood.

With this being said, Baltimore feels that a disclosure should be made known when a property is located within a flood zone to protect all that are involved.The ezLandlordForms’ Baltimore City Flood Zone Disclosure fulfills the requirements to make sure that the tenant has been notified of the potential for a flood, as applicable.

WARNING: A prospective tenant must be notified. This means that anyone who is being considered for a lease must be notified and acknowledge that they have been notified that the property in question is located in a location that is prone to floods as designated by the planning department.

This city specific form is automatically completed with the name of the prospective tenant, the rental premise address and the landlord’s name. It is printed out and then signed and dated by all persons who are going to rent as well as the landlord. A copy may be presented to all parties and the landlord should keep a copy with the leasing folder. This disclosure must also be part of the lease as well.

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