Baltimore City Disclosure of Expenses

The Baltimore City Disclosure of Expenses explains in detail the additional obligations one may have with any additional rental expenses.

Document Last Modified: 8/11/2015

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TIP: Did you know that all property that is used for residential rentals must be registered in Baltimore?

In an effort to make housing more affordable, Baltimore encourages landlords to participate in various programs offered to incite the want to provide homes and housing for those that are displaced. Tidbit of Info: The average rental amount charged in Baltimore in 2012 was $1104 per month. This was information gathered by the “Census ACS” survey. Being a tenant friendly location, Baltimore does have its advantages, but it can also be somewhat tricky as well. Obtaining and having at your disposal, good legal counsel, can actually end up saving money for this city’s landlords.

The ezLandlord Forms’ Baltimore Disclosure of Expenses is an ideal attachment for leases in Baltimore. It clearly defines and assists the landlord to detail the obligations of the tenant with regards to late charges and returned payment fees (fees charged to a tenant when a bank returns a payment unpaid).

Additionally, it spells out the onuses regarding utilities that are provided for the tenant or billed to the tenant by the landlord. It deems these payments as additional rent. It is important to know that a landlord may NEVER shut down any essential services such as heating, electricity, water and the like; even when the tenant is not paying rent!

This is a completely editable form, and the Baltimore real estate investor may remove, add or delete any text or language as is desired. Just place the computer cursor inside the text box and type, delete, or paste just as you would with any computer word processor. It IS as “ez” as that. This form is added to the lease by making sure there is a checkmark next to it in the listing of documents found in Step 7 of the ezLandlordForms’ residential lease builder wizard.

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