West Virginia Returned Check Notice

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The West Virginia Returned Check Notice is a required notice that is sent to a tenant before you may charge a $15.00 returned payment fee.

Document Last Modified: 6/5/2023

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Whether the tenant had insufficient funds in his or her account, an expired check, or an order to stop the payment; a returned check is never a good situation. The ezLandlordForms West Virginia Returned Check Notice should be sent by landlords when the issuing bank returns a check as unpaid. This warning letter is used to inform tenants that a check used to pay the rent or other fees was returned from the bank unpaid when the landlord attempted to cash it. Unfortunately in this situation, a returned check, can leave the landlord in a bind for the rent. It can also require the tenant to pay an additional fee along with the returned funds.

The West Virginia Returned Check form allows the landlord to notify their tenant that a specific check was returned by the bank. A bank can return a check for any number of reasons. They include insufficient funds, closed accounts, missing or altered information, or in some cases an error on the check.

The following information is included on the West Virginia Returned Check form:

  • Check number
  • Date Issued
  • Name of Bank
  • Who the Check was paid to
  • Returned Check fee amount
  • The address in which the new payment must be sent to

The form also states that the Tenant has 10 days from the date the notice is given to tender payment of the full amount plus the returned check fee.

The landlord should send this notice to their tenant when they have had a check or payment that has been returned by the bank unpaid. The ezLandlordForms West Virginia Returned Check Notice is a warning letter to pay the amount that is left unpaid plus the allowable $15 fee.

IMPORTANT: In West Virginia, you cannot assess a $15 charge unless notice is sent first!

West Virginia Rental Forms & Templates

  • West Virginia Returned Check Notice: This Notice must be sent to Tenants before charging a $15 returned-check fee. It provides the Tenant with information about the returned check and lets the Tenant know that the unpaid rent, plus a $15 returned-check fee, must be paid.

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