Late Utility Payment - Demand for Payment

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Did your tenant fail to pay the utility bill? Use this late notice to notify your tenants and demand payment for past-due utility payments.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Many landlords bill tenants for utilities, but fewer tenants pay those bills on time.

Your tenant late with the utility payment again? (Groan) This can be awkward, especially when the renter is otherwise responsible and a good tenant. But hey, nothing is free in this world, including utilities. Sometimes people need a little hint to jog their memories. It can be short, sweet and to the point, and allow you to all graciously move on to better things (and hopefully a quicker payment next time.)

All you need to do is deliver, by mail, hand, passenger pigeon or your method of choice, our elegantly worded Late Utility Payment Notice to your absentminded tenant. It will hopefully be enough of a gentle reminder to actually prompt her to cough up the money. To be used effectively, this notice must be given after the utility payment is due (duh) but before the utility company starts charging late fees. Don’t wait too long, because the accounting can get messier if the next rent payment comes and goes without payment.

This letter is written in a neutral tone that saves your tenant’s dignity while setting the goal in a firm manner. You can add in all of the necessary information that pertains to your particular case, such as the amount owed, the time by which it needs to be paid and the resulting consequences if the note goes unheeded, so the note is very clear and to the point. No need to add or create your own wording, it’s all here in this spiffy piece that gets the job done.

This notice is specifically regarding a late utility payment. For late rent payments, see our range of other late notices or eviction notices.