Texas Parking Rules Addendum

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(4) Landlords of multi-unit rentals must provide Tenants with Parking Rules when the Lease is signed. Customize this Addendum to provide Tenants with the required info.

Document Last Modified: 7/27/2023

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Texas Parking Rules

Landlords of multi-unit buildings - meaning 2 or more units - must provide Tenants with clear Parking Rules when the Lease is signed. This includes specifics about where parking is allowed and details regarding towing policies. The Landlord may also require the Tenant to provide the make, model, year, license number, and state of registration of all vehicles parked on the property.

Our Texas Parking Rules Addendum:

  • Complies with the requirements of Texas Code § 92.0131;
  • Is easy for Landlords to customize to include specifics of parking and towing policies;
  • Should be used as an Addendum to Texas Lease Agreements.

Customize in about 5 minutes.

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