Septic Tank Addendum

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Rental properties with septic tanks require special care to ensure that the entire system functions properly. This Addendum provides a way for Landlords to inform Tenants of:
• Specific septic tank concerns and rules
• Their monthly responsibilities to care for the septic tank
• Their liability for any damage they cause to the septic system

Document Last Modified: 7/27/2022

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If you have a rental property with a septic tank, it’s vital that you communicate the system’s unique requirements with Tenants. This includes sharing with Tenants:

  • Items that can be flushed down toilets
  • Items that should never do down any drain line
  • Ongoing maintenance that Tenants are responsible for

Damage to a septic tank can be costly and difficult to deal with. As a result, it’s vital to ensure that Tenants are well informed and aware of the system’s unique demands.

In addition, it’s important to inform Tenants that they will be responsible for any damage done to the septic tank as a result of their intentional or negligent acts.

Pro Tip: the best way to ensure that your Tenants comply with these requirements is by having good Tenants. A thorough Tenant Screening Process will make sure that you only rent to quality Tenants and that you’re set up for success!

Our Septic Tank Addendum provides an EZ way for Landlords to share all of this information with Tenants. It can be customized to add specific requirements or rules. And, it can be signed at the time of Lease signing or added as an Addendum that is incorporated into the Lease Package.

Pro Tip: If you have a rental property with a septic tank, you will always want to have Tenants sign a Septic Tank Addendum. In addition, it’s a good idea to share with them this helpful document: Care and Maintenance of Residential Septic Systems.

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