Maintenance / Cleanliness Violation Notice

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When it’s apparent cleanliness and maintenance is an issue, the Maintenance/Cleanliness Violation Notice is used to address the violation.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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While you are always concerned with keeping your rental unit in the best possible condition, some tenants, unfortunately, are not.  Whether you recently noticed that the rental unit looks like something from an episode of Hoarders or a tenant has allowed the lawn to look similar to a miniature jungle, it seems cleanliness and maintenance are not at the top of your tenant’s to-do list.  (In the unpleasant instance that an odor accompanies the uncleanliness, the Offensive Odors form will come in handy as well.)  At the end of the day, the condition of the rental unit will affect your ability to find future tenants and your bottom line.  Luckily, a friendly reminder of the maintenance and cleanliness requirements within the lease agreement should resolve the issue.  

If you become aware of a tenant that is not maintaining a rental unit, this notice will inform the tenant that the rental unit is not being kept in the condition agreed to in the lease agreement in a professional and courteous manner.  The document gives the tenant written notice that the lease is being violated and also gives the tenant the opportunity to get the problem areas of the rental unit into an acceptable condition.

This document is fully customizable and gives you the ability to specifically state the violations that must be corrected within the rental unit.  It also gives you a quick and simple way to inform a tenant that you will be in touch to schedule an inspection to ensure the issues have been taken care of; all the while, avoiding the discomfort of feeling like a parent nagging a teenager to clean their room.

Please note that the Maintenance / Cleanliness Violation Notice does not satisfy legal requirements for eviction filing. To comply with local regulations, please see our Eviction Notices.