Montana Notice to Vacate

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This Montana notice can be used for many reasons. It gives your tenant notice to either vacate the rental property, cure the lease violation or face eviction.

Document Last Modified: 7/19/2023

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Serving A Notice To Vacate Form

The Notice to Vacate Form is to be used by Montana based landlords to covers a variety of issues with tenant and lease violations. Landlords need to use this form if it applies to their specific situation.

The reasons for using this notice include:

  • The landlord wants to end a month-by-month tenancy agreement, which must be complied with within 30 days of receiving the notice.
  • The landlord would like to end a week-by-week tenancy agreement, which must be complied with within 7 days after receiving this notice.
  • Rent has not been paid and is overdue in the amount of $550.00 or more. Tenants have 3 days to pay this amount in full or leave the property.
  • The lease agreement has been repeatedly violated in the last 6 months relating to narcotics. The tenant must leave the premises within 5 days of receiving the notice.
  • The tenant has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense that creates a concern for reasonable potential for damage to the property or injury of neighbors. This can include criminal drug activity, operation of an unlawful clandestine laboratory or gang related activities. The tenant must leave the property within 3 days of receiving this notice.

The landlord may deliver this notice directly to the tenant, leave it at the property or mail it to the tenant when they would like to take action and begin the process of eviction.

Moving Forward With The Eviction Process

Once the notice has been served then the landlord can go through with actually evicting the tenant if they do not comply by leaving the property or paying the amount of rent that is due in full.

After the appropriate waiting period, the landlord will be able to file a lawsuit with the local court. A hearing will then be scheduled and the case will be presented in front of a judge. If the ruling in this case is in the favor of the landlord, and it will be if the appropriate procedures have been carried out, then a formal eviction will be scheduled.

Benefits Of Getting Professional Help

Getting the results that the landlord wants from the proceedings starts with the individual getting help from the experts to ensure the entire process is legal and efficient. Advice can be obtained from our experts or from a property lawyer. To learn more about the laws as they pertain to the rights of a landlord, visit:

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Montana Rental Forms & Templates

  • Montana Notice to Vacate: This is a versatile Notice that can be used to give Tenants notice to vacate the property or provide them notice of a Lease violation that needs to be cured to avoid facing eviction.
  • Montana Landlords’ Rights and Duties Handbook: Use this resource to make sure you’re familiar with all Landlord laws in the state of Montana.
  • Montana Mold Disclosure: Montana Landlords are required to provide Tenants with this disclosure at the start of the Lease term.
  • Montana Meth Drug Lab Disclosure: If the property has been used as a meth lab or contaminated by smoke from the use of meth, Landlords must provide Tenants with this Notice.

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