Maryland Lead Poisoning Prevention- Notice of Tenants' Rights

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At the beginning of a tenancy, landlords must provide tenants of Maryland rental units, with the MD pamphlet “Notice of Tenants’ Rights”.

Document Last Modified: 4/5/2023

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Maryland Requirements

Renting and managing residential rental homes comes with many responsibilities including the duty to inform tenants of the potential hazards and dangers certain homes may pose to their health and safety. Some of this information is required by Federal government while other such information is required by local governments. One such required form is the Maryland Lead Poisoning Prevention- Notice of Tenant’s Rights.

Lead poisoning can be very scary especially if you are not informed of all of the symptoms and causes. If your Maryland rental property was built before 1950, then the Maryland Lease Poisoning Prevention - Notice of Tenant’s Rights document is a required form that must be given to each tenant in the beginning of a tenancy.

At the beginning of a new tenancy, the owner must give each tenant the Marylands Department of the Environment pamphlet, “Notice of Tenants’ Rights.” Every 2 years thereafter, new notices and packets must be delivered to all long term tenants. Notices and packets have to be provided in a confirmable manner, such as by certified mail. This form explains that the dwelling must be inspected by a Maryland Department of Environment accredited inspector.

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The form lists the the other required forms like the Lead Based Paint Disclosure and a copy of the lease inspection certificate. The document informs you of everything you need to know before renting out your property that was built before 1950.

This informational document contains vital information for both the landlord and tenant about the process and procedures that must be taken. Tenants are also provided with an 800 number to call if more information is sought.

More information may be found at: Maryland Lead Paint Laws

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