Georgia Flood Disclosure

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Use the Georgia Flood Disclosure prior to entering a written agreement to notify the prospective tenant if flooding has previously occurred.

Document Last Modified: 4/18/2023

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With Georgia, you take the good with the bad. For instance, many do not know that there are a dozen beaches located within a close proximity to Atlanta. Georgia’s beautiful coastline sprinkled with Brunswick, and Golden Isles leave it open to poor weather creating damage from flash flooding, hurricanes and heavy rain.

Renting property in Georgia? Did you know that if the rental property has been involved in flooding, the landlord may be required to provide a disclosure to their tenants? It is true. If the rental has flooded at least three times within a five-year time period prior to the date of the lease, a disclosure must be presented and signed by the tenant.

The Georgia Flood Disclosure allows landlords to reveal whether or not the rental property is in a location where flooding is a natural inclination. The landlord must disclose whether the property has had previous flooding issues like seepage of water into or onto the premises, an increased water level in the basement, or any stream, river or drainage ditch at a high level causing inundated living spaces. The form provides a statement referring to any type of flooding on the rental property. It allows the landlord to check whether or not the statement in the middle of the page applies to the rented premises.

According to The Georgia Landlord tenant act, Before signing a lease, the landlord must disclose whether or not the property being rented is in a flood zone or has had previous flooding damage. The landlord may fill out the form by checking the box that applies to the rental property. Both the landlord and tenant must sign this form.

Please Note: This shall apply only to leaseholds entered into on or after July 1, 1995.

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