Georgia 3 Day Demand for Possession

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The Georgia 3 Day Demand for Possession is for non-payment of rent violations; serve this notice on non-paying tenants before filing in court for eviction.

Document Last Modified: 4/25/2024

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This is the Georgia eviction notice used when a tenant falls behind on rent in a Georgia rental property. It gives the renter three (3) days to bring the rent current or vacate the premises before the landlord can file in court for a hearing.

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If the renter fails to pay or vacate, and the landlord files in court for eviction (view a sample Georgia Dispossessory Warrant and Affidavit here), the court schedules a hearing date. At the hearing, the landlord (or their agent) appears, and the tenant may appear if they wish, to contest possession of the property. Assuming the landlord wins, the landlord may then schedule an actual eviction date.

For more detailed information on Georgia evictions, see the official Georgia Eviction Procedure Guide. It can be downloaded for free from

This notice is only to be used for non-payment of rent. If the renter violated a different requirement of the lease agreement, the landlord must instead use the Georgia 3 Day Notice to Quit.

This eviction notice does include the option to include the charge for the warrant fee if the tenant fails to bring the rent current before the landlord must pay the warrant fee.

Georgia landlords should also be aware that if they serve this notice on the tenant by mail, they must allow three days for its delivery.

As a final tip, be sure to start the eviction process as soon as the rent officially becomes late. Even in Georgia where laws are less tenant-friendly, the process can take many months, especially if the tenant contests the eviction.

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