City of San Diego Tenant Protection Guide

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San Diego Landlords must provide Tenants with this guide to comply with the notice requirements of the City of San Diego Residential Tenant Protections Ordinance.

Document Last Modified: 1/10/2024

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City of San Diego Residential Tenant Protections Ordinance

San Diego’s Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance was enacted on June 24, 2023. The ordinance applies to residential Landlords and Tenants in the City of San Diego and provides protections for Tenants facing potential evictions. Specifically, the Ordinance:

  • Does not allow Landlords to evict a Tenant unless there’s just cause;
  • Provides specific notice requirements that apply at the start of the tenancy and when there is an at-fault or no-fault just-cause eviction;
  • Requires Landlords to provide Tenants with relocation assistance for no-fault just-cause evictions;
  • Requires Landlords to offer a property to a displaced Tenant in a no-fault just cause eviction if the property is offered for rent within 5 years of the displacement;
  • Includes regulations to increase the fairness of buyout negotiations and agreements.

Landlords should review the complete City of San Diego Tenant Protection Guide for specifics about all requirements.

To comply with this Ordinance, San Diego Landlords should attach this Guide as an Addendum to their California Lease Agreement or as an addendum to their Lease Renewal Agreement.