Bed Bug Information Pamphlet

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This Pamphlet is an informational document regarding what you need to know about bed bugs; including useful tips and preventative measures.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Since the beginning of time, man has had to deal with Cimx Lectularius, more the commonly known as the pesky Bed Bug. These sneaky little creatures have had an increased presence in the USA in the past 5 years, mainly due to more frequent international travel and changes in the pest control industry. These nocturnal critters do not discriminate and can infiltrate even the cleanest of residences. Would you like to prevent and/or treat bedbugs in your rental property? Of course you would. This Bed Bug Information Pamphlet can most certainly help. This pamphlet provides helpful tips to prevent bedbugs and what to do in case your property is infiltrated. It also provides background information about the bed bug and how to correctly identify the pest.

The Bed Bug Information Pamphlet is an informational document regarding bed bugs; including useful tips and preventative measures. It is for both Landlords and Tenants and should be given as a part of your ongoing management duties. The Bed Bug Information Pamphlet offers pest control tips like covering food/waste, and sealing openings. This informational pamphlet provides the tenant and landlord with useful information and reading material that may be useful periodically.

The Bed Bug Information Pamphlet does not outline the expectations or responsibilities of the landlord or tenant in case of an outbreak. Responsibility is not always a clear cut matter, and local laws should be referenced to determine the responsibility for pest control. Please be aware that this document also may not comply with state regulations on pest control issues and responsibilities. Please also visit our Pest Control Addendum, which can be printed separately or included with the lease agreement.

TIP: It is a great idea to include this pamphlet when signing lease documents, and periodically throughout the lease term.

Please Note: This document is reproduced here for educational purposes only.