Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum

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The Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum clearly lists the responsibilities of both parties, offering more information on the Tips page attached.

Document Last Modified: 11/7/2022

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The Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum includes all of the expectations of the landlord and the tenant. It clearly identifies what the landlord must do regarding pest control as well as the tenants responsibilities. This form lists seven bullets that the landlord and the tenant can both agree to. Once they are checked the form may be signed. This Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum may be incorporated into and made part of the lease agreement. To download the form separately click DOWNLOAD/PRINT above the form.

The Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum also includes Pest Control Tips. It includes tips about properly covering food/waste, making sure all openings/gaps are sealed and closed, when to report any structural or moisture damage, and more. The form also offers a section on the right to include any notes that either the landlord or tenant would like to make.

In case of any conflict between the terms and conditions of the Residential Lease Agreement and this Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum, the provisions of this Pest Control - Bed Bug Addendum shall prevail. Landlords may give this addendum to Tenants in addition to the state specific lease agreement. It specifies the terms the Tenant shall abide by.

It is imperative to find out the laws and requirements in your area about the responsibilities of a landlord verses a tenant to eliminate a pest/ bedbug problem. Responsibility is not always a clear-cut matter and you may need to figure out how the local laws determine your dwelling, your status, and who is responsible for pest control issues. Use of this form may not comply with your state’s regulations on pest control issues and responsibility.

CHECK with your local housing agency before use of this Addendum!