Trash and Recycling Instructions

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This informational document will provide tenants with the specific procedures to follow with trash and recyclables during their tenancy. Note: This document should be customized.

Document Last Modified: 12/2/2021

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Perhaps, the thought of how to handle garbage and disposables is not on the top of your list. However, when taking all factors into consideration when renting property, whether the mountain cabin for a week or the Manhattan luxury high-rise; trash is made and needs to be tended to. This means that directions for your tenant are imperative.

Vacation or long term occupancies will benefit from this simple but helpful instruction sheet. It provides your renter with information on where the trash receptacles are located, what must be recycled, when is trash collected and where the trash shall be taken on those specified days. Tips are provided to be sure that your tenant does not create health hazards. PLUS this form is completely revise-able. It is true! You can add, take out or change existing language that is included in this handy and necessary notice.

Not only is this form an essential to include in conjunction with the lease package, but it can be provided later as well to notify your tenant of any changes to how the trash, garbage or recyclables are handled.

In the days of "green" this and “green” that (and we here at ez Landlord Forms do believe in keeping green) recycling has become mandatory in more locations than not. This form makes sure that your tenant keeps in compliance with regards to trash disposal and how to handle recycling. There is a small line of text that even lets the tenant know “they will be responsible for any fines or fees incurred due to their negligence in following the rules." This protects the landlord from having to pay hefty fines and provides a route of collection, so to speak – just in case things go awry.

Commercial, vacation and long-term residential tenants may all benefit from this directive. Just follow the simple steps to create, use the handy text box to edit and viola!