This is Fire! - A Factsheet on the Nature of Fire (from

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This USFA FEMA fact sheet clears up several common misconceptions about the causes, dangers of house fires and the ways to prevent them.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Having a house fire can be devastating for both the landlord and tenant. Most people think that it will never happen to them, and it is only when we educate ourselves can we actually prepare to protect ourselves and our tenants. Each year thousands of Americans lose their lives and tens of thousands are injured in fires that could have been prevented.

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), which is a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, strongly encourages fire education to reduce the number of fire deaths that occur. The ezLandlordforms's This is a Fire! A Factsheet on the Nature of Fire informational pamphlet, lists the particular characteristics of a fire that tenants need to be made aware of.

Every moment counts if you are experiencing a fire in your home. The time a family has to escape from a burning building is limited and making a wrong decision could cause serious consequences. Fire is intensely hot. The extreme temperatures from a fire can be more life threatening than the actual flame. The higher the temperature goes the more things will catch fire. Furthermore, do not be fooled by the red and orange reflections you see from flames. Fire produces black and grey clouds that can create total darkness and can disorient someone from making a safe escape. Not to mention the toxic gases that are released as the fire eats up the remaining oxygen that you need.

Make sure that tenants are aware of all exits and have an escape plan from every room in the house. No one can predict when a fire will ignite. There is so much misinformation about fire characteristics that could cause many problems when faced with an actual emergency. By adding this document in your tenant's welcome package you can protect your tenants and your property. Get well informed with this informational document.