Tenant's Waiver of Insurance

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If your tenant declines renters Insurance, landlords may use the Tenant's Waiver of Insurance form to assure liability on the tenant.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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It is advisable for a tenant to have renter’s insurance for many reasons, and such policies can be tailored to fit the tenant’s insurance needs. A renter’s insurance policy can protect the tenant’s possessions, and may even cover those possessions when they are lost, damaged, or stolen from a location other than the tenant’s residence. Some policies will also provide emergency living expenses if damages to the rental property require the tenant to relocate while repairs are made. Tenants can also pursue coverage that will pay for medical expenses for injuries that occur in the dwelling, regardless of fault. For both the tenant and the landlord, a renter’s insurance policy for the tenant can lend peace of mind and can clarify how the tenant could be compensated in the event of the loss of personal belongings.

A landlord can require a renter to acquire renter’s insurance in most, but not all, states. Whether by law or by choice, if a tenant decides not to carry renter’s insurance, this handy Tenant’s Waiver of Insurance document will help clarify the situation when a tenant declines to carry his or her own renter’s insurance.

The waiver codifies that the landlord recommends that the tenant(s) obtain renter’s insurance, and that they have been made aware of the advantages of carrying such insurance. The form goes on to declare that the tenant is declining to get renter’s insurance. The tenant is made aware that the landlord will not be held liable for losses to the tenant’s personal belongings.

Using our special autofill technology, completing this document with all of the pertinent address information is completed in just a few steps. The document also includes numerous lines for several tenants to sign the document, if it applies, along with a place to indicate the date. The landlord will also sign and date the waiver.