Tenant Screening Authorization for Credit & Criminal Check

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Use this Tenant Screening Authorization form if you used an application, other than the one we offer, that doesn't include an authorization.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Screening Potential Tenants

The Tenant Screening Authorization for Credit & Criminal Check can be used in addition to an application that does not include this kind of authorization. This form is for the specific situation in which the tenant needs to give the property owner or landlord the permission to run background checks, criminal history checks and verify income and employment.

Avoiding Problems

Using this form of authorization means having access to information about the tenant that may have otherwise been confidential. The benefits for both parties are endless. The tenant, if they have nothing to hide, will have a clean record that gives the landlord peace of mind and begins the relationship on a good note. The landlord benefits even more from this by avoiding problem tenants from the start.

Having a record that includes some negative history does not necessarily mean denying a potential tenant housing. Using this form to gain access to the information allows the landlord to see the exact violations that have been made and assess whether or not this should affect the decision.

The Information In The Check

This document states officially that the potential tenant gives their permission for the landlord to check their financial, employment and criminal history to determine if they would be a good fit or a viable fit for the property. This one form can be used in the case when many applicants are applying for residence at the same property too. This means that one group of friends or one family only needs to sign one form in order for the landlord to proceed.

More Help Is Available

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