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New with ezSign!!! Tenants looking to sign sublease agreements are subject to landlord-tenant laws as landlords, so our sublease wizard will help guide you through local laws.

Document Last Modified: 5/21/2021

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Subleasing, also known as subletting, is a legal right for many tenants. Generally speaking, tenants who rent an apartment in a building with at least four rental units, and are not participating in a public housing or a rent -control program, may sublease, even if the rental agreement includes a clause that prohibits the practice.

Document Description

New with ezSign!!! Having a successful sublease arrangement requires due diligence from all parties, from the landlord to the sub-landlord (original tenant) and sub-tenant. Our state-of-the-art lease builder wizard makes the subletting process easier than ever before, guiding you through state- and province-specific laws as you go and then generating a province- or state-specific sublet contract when you have finished. This simple wizard quickly walks you through every step of building a comprehensive residential sublease agreement in just a few minutes. With a few clicks of the mouse, all of the line items, clauses and addendums are combined into one complete and comprehensive Lease package.

We know that tenants looking to sublet their rented property are not in the rental business and are not familiar with local requirements, so our exclusive State Assist and Province Assist technology helps to ensure that your residential sublease agreement will meet or exceed your state's or province's requirements. This user-friendly program has been refined by a team of legal and rental industry experts to provide you with the highest-quality sublet contract available online.

Once all the jurisdictional requirements have been met, the lease builder wizard allows you to further customize your sublease package with up to 47 optional features covering virtually every imaginable rental situation. Now the protection of a complete and comprehensive residential sublease agreement is at tenants' fingertips, too!

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Document Features

  • New with ezSign!!!
  • State-Specific and designed for use in each of the 50 US States
  • Create your Residential Sublease Agreement with our state-of-the-art Lease Builder Wizard
  • State Assist provides important legal information for your state
  • Written in simple, plain language, so it's easy to read and understand
  • Customizable
  • Selectable Rules and Regulations (see below)
  • Residential Sublease Package combines all of your Lease documents together (see below)
  • Complete and Comprehensive

These are just some of the many documents you may select to include within your Residential Sublease Agreement...

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Rules and Regulations

This is an example of some of the selectable rules and regulations in the Lease.

  • Late fees are strictly enforced and any unpaid fees will not be waived.
  • The Sub-Tenant will be responsible for any fine and/or violation that is imposed on the Sub-Landlord due to the Sub-Tenant’s negligence.
  • The Sub-Tenant agrees to test smoke detectors periodically as well as maintain operational batteries at all times.

Document Definition

What: A sublease or sublet agreement is a legal contract, traditionally written between a current tenant of a rental property and a new renter who desires to take over temporary possession of the property. In most circumstances, the original tenant remains liable to the owner or landlord of the rental property.

Who: The parties involved in the contract, the sublessor (sometimes referred to as the sub-landlord) and the lessee (sometimes referred to as a sub-tenant) are identified in the contract.

When: The term of the rental may be for a night, weeks, months, or even years. The sublessor (original tenant on the lease, also referred to as the sub-landlord) remains liable to the original lessor (the landlord/owner of the rental property) for the remainder of the original lease term as well as any applicable renewals, and is ultimately responsible for the payment of rent in addition to any damage to the property.

IMPORTANT: Often, the original lease requires permission from the owner, landlord or agent to enter a sublease arrangement.