Save Energy in Your Home

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The Save Energy in Your Home information sheet offers tenants tips and ideas to decrease energy consumption in a rental property.

Document Last Modified: 8/2/2022

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Utilities can be an enormous expense and whether or not you pay the utility bills for your rental property, everyone should help to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. The Saving Energy in Your Home fact sheet provides tenants with a wide array of useful tips and ideas to cut down energy use and save money. This informational document focuses on heating and cooling, hot water use, lighting, and many other areas of energy consumption. The tools in this fact sheet are not limited to just turning lights off as you leave rooms, but also changing filters regularly and updating thermostats. The Saving Energy in Your Home fact sheet helps prevent high utility bills and protect your hard earned money. This fact sheet is a helpful addition to your standard new tenant welcome package. It is also a great resource to give tenants after a sudden increase in utility costs.

The Saving Energy in Your Home fact sheet is a fact sheet filled with useful tips to help decrease energy cost and consumption in the home. The tips in this fact sheet include removing window A/C units, properly maintaining fireplaces, and window maintenance. The Saving Energy in Your Home fact sheet can help both you and your tenants plan ahead to save energy and cut down on utility costs. This form can be given to new tenants at lease signing or to existing tenants after a spike in utility usage. It is also great just as informative pamphlet to encourage saving energy in your home.

Times are hard, and utilities can be expensive and working together with tenants, can be a great way to help minimize utility costs. The Saving Energy in Your Home fact sheet is a great way for landlords and tenants to plan ahead to save money on utility bills and to conserve energy for the good of the environment. Place this fact sheet in your tenant welcome folder or whenever there is a bump in energy usage.