Quebec Notice of Repossession (Non-Renewal)

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This eviction form is for landlords to repossess the dwelling from a tenant following the laws of the Régie du logement.

Document Last Modified: 1/24/2020

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Taking Back A Property

Landlords can use the Quebec Notice of Repossession when they would like to repossess the rental unit to live in themselves or to allow family members to use. This form can only be used in the case when the property will be reclaimed before the end date of tenancy or before the lease agreement has expired.

This laws set out by the governing body, the Régie du Logement, make it possible to reclaim possession of a lease property for these purposes.

When Can This Form Be Used?

Landlords can serve this form to a tenant at very specific times to ensure the tenant is ready to vacate the property at the desired time and they have enough notice to find another home. Landlords should serve this form:

  • 6 months before the end of tenancy when the tenant is leasing the property for a term of longer than 6 months,
  • 6 months before the proposed date of repossession when the lease is for an indeterminate amount of time,
  • 1 month before the end date of tenancy when the tenant has a lease agreement of 6 months or less.

The Specifics In The Form

The form that is given to tenants informs them of whether or not it is the landlord or another member of their family that will take up residency at the property. The notice also states by which date the tenant needs to have vacated.

More Information and Tips Are Available

Landlords and tenants can have a more successful relationship when both parties are aware of their roles and their rights. For both parties, there are laws and regulations that apply specifically in Quebec. These can be used as educational material to learn more about being a landlord or tenant. To view this information, please visit: