Philadelphia Gas Works Landlord Cooperation Instructions

This document explains the Landlord Cooperation Program regarding Philadelphia Gas Works.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Big cities often have big regulations; Philadelphia is amongst them. On August 2006, the Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), Philadelphia’s only natural gas supplier instituted a policy where the owner of property could incur a lien for unpaid gas usage. For the investor landlord, this can be very costly since regrettably there are tenants who do not pay their bills. Home heating costs have skyrocketed and this could cost an owner of a rental home in Philadelphia to be left with thousands of dollars to pay.

The answer or at least Philadelphia Gas Company’s solution to this headache (before this, PGW was left to write off thousands and thousands of dollars in unpaid gas bills) was to make the owner not the tenant liable for the gas bill. This may be an odd practice for a gas company but this is a standard operation for many sewer and water companies across America.

The Philadelphia Gas Company came up with a solution where a landlord may be exempt from this frustrating program. IF a landlord signs up for the Landlord Cooperation Program, they could escape some of the high unpaid tenant bills.

This form provides basic information on how a landlord is to sign up for the Cooperation program which can all be done on the World Wide Web for added convenience. This is a must read for ALL Philadelphia real estate investors and for those interested in becoming a Philadelphia investor. It is an easy step by step instructional that makes things clear and easy.

For instance: There are several sections with clear and concise steps starting with “How do I enroll” and “How to add additional properties”. There is information regarding what to do when and if you sell the rental property and how to change any of your contact information.

SO, all Philadelphia landlords, make sure this is a read through so that you are not only in compliance but this may just assist in the prevention of paying a ton of money on a dead beat tenant’s gas bill.

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